IC1396 – Combined Ha and OIII bicolour composite

This is a colour enhanced version of the Hydrogen Alpha image of IC1396 in Cepheus acquired on 17th July 2015.  The image is made up of an additional four hours of Ha data and combined with 6 hours of OIII using the Cannistra Modified Bicolour Narrowband Technique.

Right ascension: 21h 39m 55.3s | Declination: +57° 36' 48.8" | Distance: 2,400 Light Years
Field of view: 234 x 176 arcmin

Camera: QSI 583wsg
Optics: TS Photoline TS60ED F/4.2 APO with Photoline x0.79 reducer
Guiding: Off-axis with Lodestar guider
Filters: Baader Ha (7nm), OIII (8.5nm)
Exposures: Ha 17 x 20 min, OIII 19 x 20min
Total exposure: 12 hours
Image composition: Cannistra Modified Bicolour Narrowband Technique
Scale: 4.2 arcsec/pixel
Image acquired: 17th July and four nights between 27th September – 3rd October 2015

Image capture with MaxIm DL, FocusMax, ACP; Image processed with MaxIm DL and Photoshop CC 2014