Advanced CCD Imaging Course – Herstmonceux

I attended an Advanced CCD Imaging Course this weekend at the Herstmonceux Science Centre in Kent.  This is the former home of the Royal Greenwich Observatory.  The course was held in Dome B in the company of the Yapp 36-inch reflecting telescope shown in the photograph and was organised and chaired by Ian King of Ian King Imaging.

The talks and demonstrations presented a range of CCD image processing approaches and associated techniques for astrophotography.  Presentations included: monochrome Ha imaging (John Evans), broadband and colour imaging (Nik Szymanek), PixInsight image processing (Nigel Ball), and narrowband and bi-colour imaging (Ian King & Nik Szymanek).

All speakers provided live demonstrations of their image processing work flow and it was fascinating to watch the differences and common elements in the approaches of four practitioners in the field of astrophotography.  I particularly enjoyed Nigel Ball’s presentation which gave me a number of ideas about how to further incorporate PixInsight into my own narrowband image processing work flow.